Saturday, May 19, 2007


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Due to remodeling our kitchen, we haven't been doing a lot of cooking. I can't wait until it is done so I can start cooking supper every night, and maybe even bake some cookies!!

Chris has been working very hard on the kitchen. It really is a big job for one person to do. I help where I can, but most days when I get out of work he is cleaned up or is cleaning up when I walk in the door.

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If you click below you will see how we have been cooking the last few weeks.
chicken-wing-pizza, grillin-again and grillin.

We hope you have a great weekend. Thank you for stopping by our blog.
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kris said...

Wow - you're making great progress! We did a small kitchen re-do when we moved in (many, many years ago!) and I can remember how much fun it wasn't. We had a microwave and refrigerator in the living room and the stove was moved out to the garage - so we could use them, but not easily. With two little kids at home it was a pain. Just focus on the lovely new kitchen you'll have when it's done!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

How fun a new kitchen! Then you'll get to cook up lots of great food and memories!

PEA said...

I stopped reading your post when I reached the part where you said you might even bake cookies....yummmm! hehe You may not have been able to cook in the kitchen but what you have been cooking on the grill looks scrumptious!! xox

peppylady said...

Looks like you been busy remodeling.

Anita said...

Good luck for your kitchen, I already looks very promising!

BTW, I put your wonderful words of R. Stout in the headline of my blog. Thank you so much! I was looking for such a quote since long and this one is just perfect and it exactly expresses what gardening means for me!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Warmest wishes from Germany,

"Early Bird" said...

Home you can do some cookin' soon!!

Biker Betty said...

That is so exciting that your kitchen is almost done. Once those types of projects are done, it's fun to sit back and enjoy for the fruits of the labor. Great post for this weekend and thanks for stopping by. I will check back and see how your kitchen is doing. Have a great Sunday.