Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can You Help Us Please?

Happy Halloween!

We are still have photo program problems. After the latest update to windows, the program we have been using for years will no longer work. Chris has tried uninstalling the updates, but it still won't work. Chris installed a new version of the program, but when we try to re-size the pictures for the blog they get very pixelated. We can't find a program that will allow us to crop and re-size our pictures to put on our blog. Can you tell us what programs you are using?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Niece's Wedding!

Yesterday we went to our niece Stephanie's wedding. Here she is with her girls before the wedding.

Stephanie, Crystal, Shannon and Bridgett

Stephanie and her Groom. That smile never left Nate's face.

All the girls after the ceremony.
Stephanie, Alexis (Flower girl), Crystal, Marilyn, (Flower girl) Shannon and Bridgett

Stephanie and Nate at the reception.

Here are a couple of the bouquets that Chris and I made.

Congratulations to both of you!

We took over 300 pictures, so I am sure we will be posting more after we get a chance to go through them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Opening Day Of Bow Season!

Click on picture to enlarge.

I am up bright and early and can't wait to get in the woods. I have my pepper spray and bells on my boot laces. I am really hoping I don't see a bear. Click HERE to see why.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Three!

After Mom, Laurie and I had breakfast Sunday morning, we headed to the 2nd cabin to start our day with the rest of the family. Jerzie talked me into playing with her. (it didn't take much)

Daddy let Princess (the dog) loose for a little while to run around and get some exercise. Jerzie thought it was pretty funny watching her run in circles around the campsite.

Mommy, Aunt Laurie, Jerzie and Princess all went for a walk in the "forest".

Jerzie was very excited that they found the "river".

Mommy and Aunt Laurie went down a small drop off. When they turned around to help Jerzie down they cracked up because Jerzie was rolling up her pant legs so she could go in the river.

Mommy found a rock that was the perfect size for Jerzie to sit on, but Mommy sat down first.

A perfect fit.

Jerzie had to throw a few rocks into the river just for the fun of it.

She talked Mommy into letting her go into the shallow part.

We all headed back to our cabin for lunch. We were waiting for the fire to get going so we could make some hobo sandwiches.

Payton was happy and content just getting some rays.

While the girls took a nap, Mom, Laurie and I drove for a little while to go to the Red House side of Allegany.

We went to find this covered bridge.

It was worth the drive. The whole area was beautiful.

We stopped on the way back to take a few pictures.

There was an area that we saw where all of the brush had been cleared out. The trees were huge.

Back to the cabin for more family fun. Grandma thought it would be neat to get a picture of Payton sitting on this tree stump. Notice Daddy's shadow blocking the sun.

We had to get one with Jerzie in it also.

Kim and Tabatha made dinner for us tonight. We had fire grilled chicken and shrimp along with a rice dish. It was pretty cold out (30 degrees) so we had a really hot fire going. There was no sense in wasting those hot coals, so we did smores again. After those, Mom made us all banana boats. We sat by the fire for quite a while until everyone got tired. We headed back to our cabin and got things ready so we could go to sleep.

To read about day four, click HERE.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Due to trouble with our photo program, we won't be able to post day 3 at Allegany today. Check out Mom's post.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Two!

Chris realized last night that we forgot to pack the eggs. We decided to have apple bread and coffee for breakfast and then stop at the store in Allegany to get eggs for breakfast the next two mornings. Eggs were $2.89 a dozen at the store, so we decided to text Kim and Tabatha and have them bring us some.

The only place we could get a signal was by Quaker Lake. While Chris was texting, Mom and I took some pictures.

It was still cloudy after the rain last night, but was starting to clear up a little.

Surprisingly, there was still a lot of green in the trees.

Later in the day, we went for a walk and got some more nature pictures.

Kim, Tabatha, Jerzie and Payton got to their cabin around 3:00PM. Jerzie was very excited about going for a walk in the forest.

Mommy wanted to do a photo shoot of the girls on this big rock by their cabin. I took quite a few pictures, and decided to share this one.

Jerzie and Grandma are playing with a new toy that Daddy bought. Jerzie thought it was fun to try and sneak up on us.

Grandma was trying really hard to hide from Jerzie.

We got a good campfire going that night. Chris and I made sliced potato and onion pouches to go with the steaks we made for dinner. Jerzie decided it was dessert time. We made regular smores and some with peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate.

Jerzie sure is enjoying hers. Shortly after dessert, Jerzie fell asleep on Grandma's lap. The girls were put to bed in the cabin and we relaxed by the fire for the rest of the night. We got to our cabin around midnight and got the heater and stove going to warm it up.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day One!

Mom, Chris and I got to Allegany at 3:00PM on Friday and checked in. Chris ordered us some wood. It was $25.00 for a 1/4 of a cord. (it was very wet and didn't burn well) We didn't think we could bring wood from home because of the bugs in the wood, but come to find out if you live less than 50 miles away you can bring wood in to the park. We found our cabin and started to unload our cars.

This is where we slept for three nights. Not the most comfortable, but not horrible. We decided to try the cots this year so we weren't right on the floor. We stayed a lot warmer.

This is what kept us warm most of the time. We did have a propane heater that we used a couple nights. We didn't have a problem getting the cabin warm, it was just hard to keep it that way. Chris was up every couple hours during the night to try and keep it burning.

Here is our source of water. Most likely we won't be using it next year. I believe we will be bringing gallons of water with us from now on. More on that later.

We didn't get many pictures on Friday because it rained off and on the whole day. We sat around and played card games. (UNO, Skip-bo, and Phase 10) We didn't even build a fire except for the one in the wood stove because of the rain. We had a good time just relaxing!!

Stay tuned for day two when the rest of the family gets there.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday!

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday.

Here are the last few plants that are still 'Bloomin' at our house.

Our Mums are just starting to open.

We have a few Cone Flowers still in bloom.

Our Coleus is still growing like crazy.

Our bushes are growing berries this year. Some years they do, some years they don't.

We have one bloom left from our roses.

Yes, these are still growing. I liked it against the color of the leaves.

Our Aster is starting to show some color in our back garden.

Leaves in the autumn came tumbling down,
Scarlet and yellow, russet and brown,
Leaves in the garden were swept in a heap,
Trees were undressing ready for sleep.

Author - Unknown

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