Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can You Help Us Please?

Happy Halloween!

We are still have photo program problems. After the latest update to windows, the program we have been using for years will no longer work. Chris has tried uninstalling the updates, but it still won't work. Chris installed a new version of the program, but when we try to re-size the pictures for the blog they get very pixelated. We can't find a program that will allow us to crop and re-size our pictures to put on our blog. Can you tell us what programs you are using?


Dawn said...

Picnik works for me.

Utah Grammie said...

I love Picasa..that's pretty much all I use :-) Sorry you're having so much troubles! We miss your photography!

Anonymous said...

I use Photoshop Elements to edit, crop and resize my pictures. The majority of the pictures that you see on my blog, though, are links to my Flickr photo site where I upload my pictures.

I recently downloaded a program called FastStone Image Viewer. I use this program mainly to view RAW images. I have used this program to resize pictures for email attachments. I haven't used the program to crop. The program does great, though, taking a full resolution, uncropped picture and reduce it to standard sizes viewable on your computer or the internet.

Just a couple questions from a curiosity point of view. What program were you using to crop and resize your pictures? Also, did you upgrade to WINDOWS 7 or are you talking about the regular updates to the operating system?