Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weird Weather!

Chris took these pictures Sunday out our back door. The weather was really weird. One minute you would look out the window and it was snowing a little bit.
The next time you looked out the sun was trying to shine.

And then you looked out and you couldn't see.

You've got to love lake effect snow. It comes when it wants and leaves when it wants. Most of the time we are more than ready for it to leave. Really we haven't had a bad winter this year. We will see how long it takes for spring to get here this year.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One Done!

When Chris and I built our new garage, we saved the windows from the old one. I used one of the old windows to make this gift for my mom for Christmas a few years ago. Chris sanded the window down and we used a crackle finish on it to give it the old and weathered look.
I have finally started on one for myself. I have finished the stitchery for one of the panes so far.

I still have to tea dye it to make it look like it has been around for years. I have 5 more to go. I enjoy working on this kind of thing. It is a relaxing thing to do in the evening while watching TV. I will post some of the others as I get them done.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Penny Postcards!

We got this really cool web site from friends of ours. Click HERE. It is a USGenWeb Archives Web Site that someone has put together of old postcards from each state. You can click on your state and county to view postcards from your area. These are two from our area. We thought it was pretty interesting, so we thought we would share.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pizza Anyone?

In addition to there being no rules on Sunday, we usually make home-made pizza. Sometimes it is regular pizza. Usually it is buffalo chicken pizza, white pizza (garlic) or taco like this week.
Home-made dough made in the bread machine.

Hand stretched and ready to pre-bake. (7-8 minutes at 450) Then we add the sauce and toppings.

Our taco pizza has mild salsa or picante for a sauce, 1 lb. of seasoned ground beef, black olives, lots of hot pepper rings (on Chris's half) and cheddar cheese. We dip it in sour cream.
We make sure that there are left overs for Chris to take to work just to tick off the guys he works with.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Click on picture to enlarge.
The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the word silver for this weeks photo hunt was silver dollars. My Grandmother (Super Lou) worked for the thruway as a toll collector. When people paid with silver coins or silver certificates, she would trade her own money for the one they paid with. When we were little we used to think it was cool to play with the coins. When Chris was little he used to get silver dollars from his Grandparents on New Years Day just for saying "Happy New Year" to them. How funny that a word could bring back so many memories for both of us.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Good Neighbor ?!?

He may not talk to you all year long ...
He may get mad at you when you and your wife are building a deck, working on a car, cleaning out the garage or working in the yard. (THAT'S A MANS JOB!!!)

But he sure does take care of you in the winter. This is our neighbor. We have a driveway that is right next to his. We have two approaches but it is like one driveway. It never fails. Our neighbor will be the first to start his snow blower as soon as he gets out of work.

If you don't know it is him, he will scare the crap out of you when the snow hits the side of your house and your windows. This is what our kitchen window looks like when he is done. I have jumped off the couch more than once when the snow starts flying. Thanks for taking care of our driveway our friendly little neighbor:)

All pictures were taken from the inside of our house.

I hope I didn't get caught!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Life is like a blanket of snow.
Be careful how you step on it,
Every step will show.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Two Page Layout!

I finished two more pages of the wedding album. I also got all the pictures sorted. I had four albums to go through. I think I can make sense of them now.

The Dad & Me was cut out with my cricut and so were the photo corners.

The rub on says "You are so beautiful to me." I love the look on my brothers face when my "sister" is coming down the aisle.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I got these in at work and I couldn't help myself. They are my favorite color.
(Sorry Rhonda I can't help it!)

I bought myself a bunch and I brought mom a bunch. Hers are pink. I thought we could use some spring since it has been so gloomy.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Have you used one of these? This is a Simple Impressions by Sizzix. It is an embossing folder to go into your Sizzix.

This is what the paper looks like after putting it through the machine. I love it! I have already used it in my brother and sisters wedding scrapbook. I know I will use it more.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter Walk!

Today Chris and I drove to the woods where he hunts. We wanted to take a few winter pictures before the snow melts. (LOL)

We got out and went into the woods. We didn't go in too deep because it was so cold and we really didn't dress for a hike. I think we got some nice shots. We took about 30 pictures. Here are a couple. Don't you think it's pretty?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy 6 Month Birthday Baby J.!

It is hard to believe you have been in our lives for 6 months. You sure do put a smile on every ones face when they see you.
Thanks to your mommy and daddy we all get our special time to spend with you.
Uncle Chris and Aunt Laurie look forward to our time with you.


The Wild Center

The Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks is a natural history museum that opened July 4th, 2006 in New York State's Adirondack Park. The Wild Center occupies a 31 acre site in the town of Tupper Lake, New York, the approximate geographic center of the 6,000,000 acre Adirondack Park. The Wild Center has living exhibits, some of which are outdoors. There are exhibits on Bogs, Alpine Ecosystems, Rivers, Lakes, and the Ice Age. The Museum is open year round.

This is a view from a bridge over the pond on the back of the building.

This is an otter that is swimming in a display inside the building.

These are 2 painted turtles sunning themselves.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sunflower House!

My friend Rhonda and I went to the Sunflower House this weekend so I could use my gift certificate. The background of this picture is scrapbooking paper that I bought. The Sunflower House is my favorite scrapbook store. Chris's Aunt and Uncle gave me the gift certificate for Christmas. I still have a little more to spend. I will have to make another trip out there.
To bad for me :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sad Day In Nascar !

Remembering Benny
Benny Parsons who charmed television audiences with his folksy demeanor as much as he impressed fans with his ability as a driver, died Tuesday the 16th of January at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte following complications from lung cancer. He was 65.
To read more about Benny go Here
We are going to miss you on Sundays Benny.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Attic Babies!

What Is An Attic Baby?
An Attic Baby is a life-long dream of a very determined lady. With long hours of hard work and sheer "guts" she created many babies for all of us to love and admire.
The handcrafted dolls made of tea-stained muslin wear costumes characterizing their humorous names. Not all babies are laughable ones and although the designer has a flair for the comedy and irony of life, she realizes the need for professional dolls. There are dolls for the sports buff, animal lovers, collectors of Santa's, Angels or Elves.
Made in Oklahoma
Produced in the wooded hills of central Oklahoma, a huge billboard sized sign announces the factories presence in the city of Drumright. In the office building there is a large old fashioned display room complete with fireplace and a Christmas tree. While there is a busy atmosphere soft music plays in the background. All of the babies are hand made, each one just a little different from any other.
Marty Maschino, momma of these captivating babies, is a creative and multi-talented person with countless innovative ideas and successful business savvy. She started her first home-based business in 1972 by pursuing an interest in arts and crafts festivals. Creating and selling about 500 dolls per month was the beginning of a much larger market.
Meet Katy


Maggie Mae

My newest I got this snow man this year for Christmas.

Bootsie Wootsie Angel

Lani Frumpet
All of my Attic Babies are from my mom except this one. It is from my mother and father in law.
Merry Mary

First 16 Attic Babies
In July, 1987, Marty sent the first 16 Attic Babies to the Dallas Wholesale Gift Market for their first national exposure. Thousands of orders rolled in and Marty hired ten women to help her with the increased work of sewing, stuffing, cutting and dressing Attic Babies. By October, 15 additional women were hired. Several more moves were made before the present 15,000 square foot with a separate office building to accommodate over 100 employees was acquired in 1989.
In addition to her "Attic Babies" Marty has a multitude of other interests and commitments. First on that list would be her five children. As a little girl Marty says she had dreams of owning an old fashioned candy store. That dream came true with the opening of Fatty Matty's Gourmet Goodies Store, specializing in gift items and old-fashioned candy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Mom and I had a nice day yesterday. (Even though it RAINED all day!!) Mom picked me up at 9:00am and we headed to Erie Pa. to shop! Our first stop was at Kohl's. We usually have good luck there, but we always buy clothes. This trip we weren't looking for clothes. We are both trying to get in better shape and we both have a closet or two that are VERY full! Any way we found some great things to buy. This is what our dining room table looks like right now! I got a couple birthday gifts and a couple baby gifts for people at work. I also found a Valentines gift for baby J. The light blue coat is my new winter coat. I think I may have drove mom crazy looking for it. (SORRY MOM! but I do like it) We had a great time. We used to be able to do this more often, but with mom working two jobs and me working every day now we don't get our "Mom and Me days" as often as we used to. They are very special days for both of us. You got to love shopping!!
Chris asked me to buy him one thing, and what he asked for I couldn't get :(
We didn't get home until 7:00.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cute Movie!

I bought this movie for Chris for Christmas. I thought HE would enjoy it. Well we watched it together and I thought it was really cute.

Doesn't he have the cutest smile?

This is Chris's favorite. Larry the Cable Guy plays him. His name is Mater. He is very funny!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's Sunday Again :)

We spent most of our Sunday doing our usual Sunday activities. I am working on a wedding scrapbook for my Brother and Sister. I just started working on it again last weekend. I got 4 pages done today. Here are 2 of the pages I have finished.
The flowers and the writing were all cut with my Cricut. I am enjoying it.

The clay pot is a paper piecing that I made to match the clay pots on the head table.
My husband got into a car accident today while drinking and driving. (he had 1 green apple Smirnoff) He says it was Jeff Gordon's fault for driving the wrong direction on the track. He even has pictures to prove it.

He enjoys racing on the computer on Sundays. He bought a steering wheel and gas & brake pedal. He races for hours. (until his back and neck get to sore)

As you can see he has spun out thanks to that 24 car!!!

We usually spend all day in our sweatpants and t-shirts. (not in our PJ's Julie:)