Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weird Weather!

Chris took these pictures Sunday out our back door. The weather was really weird. One minute you would look out the window and it was snowing a little bit.
The next time you looked out the sun was trying to shine.

And then you looked out and you couldn't see.

You've got to love lake effect snow. It comes when it wants and leaves when it wants. Most of the time we are more than ready for it to leave. Really we haven't had a bad winter this year. We will see how long it takes for spring to get here this year.


PEA said...

It really is amazing how quickly the weather can change, sometimes in the blink of an eye! It's been sunny here the last few days but very cold...although today it's "mild" at 0 F lol

Tammy said... captured the transitions really well!!

Apple said...

We're at the south east end of Ontario and tend to get hammered here - like living in the south towns out your way. I'd be happy if the Golden Snowball went west this year! lol. Your pictures captured the changes well.

eb said...

yes - we know snow - thanks for visiting - I'll be back - xox - eb.