Thursday, January 25, 2007


Life is like a blanket of snow.
Be careful how you step on it,
Every step will show.


Susie said...

Love that true!

PEA said...

So very true!! Love the picture's so frigid here right now, my nostrils were sticking together when I went out! lol Hugs xox

Nancy Maxwell James said...

such a beautiful photo!
stay warm - it's freezing here too!

Tammy said...

how very true!!!

*Jeanne* said...

What a gorgeous photo! I am so jealous, I wish we would get some snow!

What a great quote! I love this song by Faith Hill. I love the writer who wrote all the songs on that cd for Faith.

Thanks for stopping by my blog with such kind comments!

Gillian Hamilton said...

What a wonderful saying...
and a Gorgeous Photo..The complete opposite to our side of the world.. :o)