Friday, January 26, 2007

Good Neighbor ?!?

He may not talk to you all year long ...
He may get mad at you when you and your wife are building a deck, working on a car, cleaning out the garage or working in the yard. (THAT'S A MANS JOB!!!)

But he sure does take care of you in the winter. This is our neighbor. We have a driveway that is right next to his. We have two approaches but it is like one driveway. It never fails. Our neighbor will be the first to start his snow blower as soon as he gets out of work.

If you don't know it is him, he will scare the crap out of you when the snow hits the side of your house and your windows. This is what our kitchen window looks like when he is done. I have jumped off the couch more than once when the snow starts flying. Thanks for taking care of our driveway our friendly little neighbor:)

All pictures were taken from the inside of our house.

I hope I didn't get caught!!


Tammy said...

the snow had barely fallen last weekend when all through the neighborhood men were out doing this along with the old fashioned hubby insisted on getting out there himself...he didn't want to be!!

Beth said...

Okay, HOW SWEET IS THIS POST??? And I laughed out loud at the idea of you falling off the couch! GREAT POST!

PEA said...

What more would you want out of a neighbour?? lol I have a neighbour who is retired and he comes and does my driveway with his snowblower if I'm stuck:-) Unfortunately he's a pest in the summer time, never stops talking to me! lol

Retro Girl said...

That is sweet!

When We got like 2+ feet of snow the first weekend in December, and my hubby was in China on business - a neighbor came over out of the blue and snow-blowed my driveway clean so I could get out, too. There are SOME nice people left in this world... :-) Thank god for that.

How nice is that!

Lilli said...

That's great. People are funny, aren't they. Some are quiet and seem disgruntled most of the time, and then they surprise you by doing something nice.