Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Attic Babies!

What Is An Attic Baby?
An Attic Baby is a life-long dream of a very determined lady. With long hours of hard work and sheer "guts" she created many babies for all of us to love and admire.
The handcrafted dolls made of tea-stained muslin wear costumes characterizing their humorous names. Not all babies are laughable ones and although the designer has a flair for the comedy and irony of life, she realizes the need for professional dolls. There are dolls for the sports buff, animal lovers, collectors of Santa's, Angels or Elves.
Made in Oklahoma
Produced in the wooded hills of central Oklahoma, a huge billboard sized sign announces the factories presence in the city of Drumright. In the office building there is a large old fashioned display room complete with fireplace and a Christmas tree. While there is a busy atmosphere soft music plays in the background. All of the babies are hand made, each one just a little different from any other.
Marty Maschino, momma of these captivating babies, is a creative and multi-talented person with countless innovative ideas and successful business savvy. She started her first home-based business in 1972 by pursuing an interest in arts and crafts festivals. Creating and selling about 500 dolls per month was the beginning of a much larger market.
Meet Katy


Maggie Mae

My newest I got this snow man this year for Christmas.

Bootsie Wootsie Angel

Lani Frumpet
All of my Attic Babies are from my mom except this one. It is from my mother and father in law.
Merry Mary

First 16 Attic Babies
In July, 1987, Marty sent the first 16 Attic Babies to the Dallas Wholesale Gift Market for their first national exposure. Thousands of orders rolled in and Marty hired ten women to help her with the increased work of sewing, stuffing, cutting and dressing Attic Babies. By October, 15 additional women were hired. Several more moves were made before the present 15,000 square foot with a separate office building to accommodate over 100 employees was acquired in 1989.
In addition to her "Attic Babies" Marty has a multitude of other interests and commitments. First on that list would be her five children. As a little girl Marty says she had dreams of owning an old fashioned candy store. That dream came true with the opening of Fatty Matty's Gourmet Goodies Store, specializing in gift items and old-fashioned candy.


Susie said...

They're each so special. Do they sell them online? I'd love the link if you have one!

PEA said...

Awwww these are all so very adorable! I had never heard of them so thanks so much for telling us about them! Like Susie, I would also like to know if they are available online:-)

Laurie & Chris said...

I found a website that carries attic babies. I'm not sure of prices or anything. Mom will have to answer those questions.

Jean said...

I've bought the last 2 or 3 on e-bay because they don't sell them in this are anymore.

Jean said...

I checked out the website. The prices are about right. I got them on e-bay much cheeper tho.