Friday, October 06, 2006

Hunting For Bear (NOT!!)

It's time for hunting season again. After my opening day experience last year, I thought maybe this was a good idea.

Last year on my first day of bow season, I had a pretty good size black bear walk right up to my ground blind an stick his head in one of the windows. It sniffed around for a couple of minutes and then left. (shortly followed by me doing the same thing---see ya) When I saw it, I didn't think it would ever come so close to me. Now I guess it is a pretty cool once in a lifetime thing. (hopefully)

We went to Gander Mountain today and bought some bear repellent. It is almost like a pepper spray. You are only supposed to use it if you think you are in danger of being attacked. It will give you enough time to get out of danger and hopefully out of the woods. I guess the odds of something like that happening again probably aren't real high, but I will be taking it with me this year for bow season.


Jean said...

Nice post!! I'm glad you can go in the woods again! Stay safe! Mom