Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Three!

After Mom, Laurie and I had breakfast Sunday morning, we headed to the 2nd cabin to start our day with the rest of the family. Jerzie talked me into playing with her. (it didn't take much)

Daddy let Princess (the dog) loose for a little while to run around and get some exercise. Jerzie thought it was pretty funny watching her run in circles around the campsite.

Mommy, Aunt Laurie, Jerzie and Princess all went for a walk in the "forest".

Jerzie was very excited that they found the "river".

Mommy and Aunt Laurie went down a small drop off. When they turned around to help Jerzie down they cracked up because Jerzie was rolling up her pant legs so she could go in the river.

Mommy found a rock that was the perfect size for Jerzie to sit on, but Mommy sat down first.

A perfect fit.

Jerzie had to throw a few rocks into the river just for the fun of it.

She talked Mommy into letting her go into the shallow part.

We all headed back to our cabin for lunch. We were waiting for the fire to get going so we could make some hobo sandwiches.

Payton was happy and content just getting some rays.

While the girls took a nap, Mom, Laurie and I drove for a little while to go to the Red House side of Allegany.

We went to find this covered bridge.

It was worth the drive. The whole area was beautiful.

We stopped on the way back to take a few pictures.

There was an area that we saw where all of the brush had been cleared out. The trees were huge.

Back to the cabin for more family fun. Grandma thought it would be neat to get a picture of Payton sitting on this tree stump. Notice Daddy's shadow blocking the sun.

We had to get one with Jerzie in it also.

Kim and Tabatha made dinner for us tonight. We had fire grilled chicken and shrimp along with a rice dish. It was pretty cold out (30 degrees) so we had a really hot fire going. There was no sense in wasting those hot coals, so we did smores again. After those, Mom made us all banana boats. We sat by the fire for quite a while until everyone got tired. We headed back to our cabin and got things ready so we could go to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

I have photographed that covered bridge so many times it feels like an old friend. Nice photographs from what looks like a great weekend camping trip. I was sorry to read that your mother fell down and lost teeth. Thankfully she didn't get worse injuries.

Suzanne said...

Could there possibly be a prettier setting? Just beautiful. I'm glad you were able to get away as a family. There's nothing better.