Friday, May 04, 2007

We Have A Ceiling!

It only took 3 sheets of 4'x12' Sheetrock to finish the ceiling.

My dad came over for a couple of hours and helped me out today. Lifting the 12' pieces of drywall wasn't something I could do alone.

We got everything cut and in place before he went home. I spent a little while after that putting in the rest of the screws.

I still have to tape and mud the seams. I will wait until I get the walls done so I can do all the finish work at the same time. I will be doing the electrical next. Then I will do the insulation and the rest of the drywall.

Laurie has been home from work for 2 days due to a dental problem. (she took all the pictures today) Hopefully by Monday she can make it back to work. She has a big holiday coming up in the Floral Department.


PEA said...

I'm sure you're glad to have the ceiling up...that's always such an awkward way to work, with arms up all the time! Looking good:-) Oh poor Laurie, I do hope she feels better real soon, nothing worse than dental problems:-(

Zoey said...

Chris, Laurie is so lucky to have a husband who can do all the remodeling work! My DH is wonderful, but the poor man does not know a hammer from a screwdriver.

Laurie, I hope that dental problem is over. I've only had a real problem once and it hurt, hurt, hurt!