Monday, April 30, 2007

Progress Report!

Just thought I should give you a quick update on the kitchen.
I have torn out 2 of the walls and the ceiling so far. The worst part so far has been emptying out all the cupboards. The other 2 walls don't have too much to tear out due to a large window and a doorway so I am hoping to get them done tomorrow or Wednesday. Then I can start on the new electrical on Thursday.

As you can see there is no insulation. We were told when we bought the house that it had blown in insulation. (they lied)

Everything else looks like it is in great shape.

Some of the walls were plaster and lathe and the rest were 1/4" gypsum with plaster over top.

I have almost filled up the truck already, (It ain't no grocery getter) but I should have enough room to fit the rest in before I have to go to the dump.

Click HERE to see the before pictures if you missed them.


Ann said...

Looks likes your coming along on your kitchen project. What's happening with your street and flower garden? did they get that work done yet?

Dawn said...

I love the look of progress!!! The one good thing about no blown in insulation----less mess!
Happy May Day, Laurie and Chris!

PEA said...

You really mean business when you decide to completely redo a room! lol Imagine that, no'll notice a big difference next winter once you do have insulation in the walls! You're doing great, Chris!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I thought I was thinking about a real pain of a job in our kitchen but it should be a picnic compared to what you are doing. Since it should be such a picnic you can do it as a vacation when you're done with yours if you'd like. Uncle John