Sunday, May 20, 2007


My rose garden has NEVER looked as bad as it does (did) this year. I have never had so many trees sprout up like they did this year.

There are so many maple trees growing that you can't even see or find my roses.

I finally got a nice day to weed. I spent at least 4 hours weeding. After Chris got the deck furniture out and washed the car, he came out and helped me. Thank goodness or I would still be weeding today!!

I have very sore fingers and hips today!!

Doesn't it look better? We pulled out all of the rocks and weeded in between them.

Look at how full the wheelbarrow is.

I found this when I was weeding. Any ideas of what it may be? It only moves the very end when you touch it.

This green bee came to visit us while we were working also.

We hope you had a good weekend.


"Early Bird" said...

You two are the hardest working couple I know!!
Ya'll need a little vacation to somewhere relaxin'!!

PEA said...

Wow, that certainly was quite a job, clearing out all those tree sprouts! I've never seen a green bee before, how fascinating! As for that other "thing", it looks like a larvae of a June Bug!! Bleck! Hope you can relax for a bit now! xox

kris said...

Wow - I think you had even more little trees in your garden than I pulled out of mine!! Sure looks nice after all your work though. Don't you just love that centaurea (mountain bluet - bachelor buttons - whatever name it goes by in your neck of the woods) - it's one of my favorites.

Ann said...

I did some weeding today to and I also went to Lowe's and got some flowers. I'm working on getting them planted. I did have a nice weekend and I hope both of you did too!

melissa said...

wow what a job that must have been! I bet you are happy to have it all cleared out

Anonymous said...

Showed the picture of your mystery bug to Uncle Gene. He says it is definitely a japanese beetle grub!