Friday, May 18, 2007

Dandelion Fluff!

Have you ever looked at a dandelion close up?
Click on photos to enlarge.
They really are neat to look at.

Dandelion fluff is such wonderful, magical stuff.
Dancing on the summer breeze,
Tickling your nose, Making you sneeze.
Tiny clouds pirouette across the periwinkle sky;
As onward and upward toward heaven they fly.


Deb said...

Great photos! They're pretty beautiful, weed or not.

PEA said...

When you look at them close up they sure are quite fascinating! I really dislike the darn things on my lawn though! lol Have a great weekend you two! xox

kris said...

You make dandelions look and sound very pretty. I saw a photo recently of a yard full of yellow dandelions - it looked so bright and cheery. When it's my own yard though, I'm not liking them too much!!:)

JC said...

Great shots... dandelions were the first flowers I gave my Mom, she loved them. Ever wonder who decided they were weeds?

P.S. I would have wrote something in the wet cement ;-)

LostRoses said...

While weeding the other day, I noticed someone else who really liked dandelion fluff - house finches! It was comical to watch them. (And obviously I wasn't weeding dandelions!)