Thursday, May 17, 2007

They are back!

We were woken up this morning at 7:30am. by these guys outside our bedroom window. They were using a Jack hammer at 7:30am. In the city the noise ordinance is 8:00am!! I guess it doesn't apply to city workers. When I have to go to work I am up at 5:00am. and I get Chris up around 6:00am. I didn't have to go in today so we thought we could sleep in. No such luck today. I guess 7:30 is sleeping in for us.
You can see some green coming up in the "garden".
Some things are trying to peak out!
We are getting a new curb. They had to take out the old one for the catch basin.

It took them most of the morning just to do this small area. So who knows how long we will have this mess in our front yard. There are a few other spots in our curb that they have damaged when they were digging in our yard. I don't know if they will come and fix those or if they will just leave them.

Don't you just want to write your name in the wet cement? I didn't !!!


PEA said...

Don't you just love them city workers! lol Talk about being slow in the work they're doing...maybe a few less coffee breaks?? They should be repairing anything they break in your yard..I know they have to here. Hopefully they will be done sometime this year!!!!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

That cement sure does look tempting! Hope they get done with all that soon so you guys can get some sleep! Have a great day!

"Early Bird" said...

You could have wrote "Cockle Doodle Doo..good morning to you too!" in the cement...teehee!!

Kerri said...

Argh! I hope they'll be finished soon! Yeah, new cement! Sure does look tempting. You showed restraint :) Good job!
Those close-ups are all so beautiful! Isn't it lovely to see a few things blooming? Hope the weather warms up again soon. So cold here today and yesterday!Perhaps you should just leave the snowman there for a while :)
Mmmmmm...chicken wing pizza is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Now you've made me want some!
I totally agree with the Ruth Stout quote :)