Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Do you see what we see?

Do you see anything wrong with this shelf?
We walk by this shelf at least five times a day. Today for some reason I looked at this shelf and almost died!!

Yes !!! You see snowmen. I can't believe neither one of us saw these until today. It is May isn't it?

Because of our remodeling going on, we really haven't worried about dusting because the next day it will be just as bad.

I just can't believe we still have Christmas / Winter stuff out!!

We thought you could use a good laugh with us.


PEA said...

Might as well leave them up now, only 7 months left before Christmas! hehe It really is funny how neither of you ever noticed they were still up on that shelf! LOL Love it! xox

"Early Bird" said...

Cute post!! It was like the new puzzle book craze that shows a picture and you have to find how many things are wrong with the picture...

kris said...

I have a collection of snowmen - yours are really cute. I try and put mine away before May :), but I did just take down some Swarovski crystal snowflakes that we hang in the window over the holidays!!

Jean said...

Did you accuse someone of getting more like Grandma every day? Maybe you should look in the mirror! Mom

Mark said...

Hi , I'm with Pea, leave them up, you will laugh everytime you go past now!!!
Cheers Mark

Susie said...

Too funny! I found a valentine cupid not long ago!