Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday!

Indian Peace Pipe/Ghost Plant

• Family: Indian-pipe (Monotropaceae)
• Habitat: woods, in leafy humus
• Height: 4-10 inches
• Flower size: 3/4 inch long
• Flower color: white
• Flowering time: June to September
• Origin: native

All the years Mom has taken us kids camping we have searched for this plant but had never been able to find it. While at Jerzie's birthday party Mom spotted this one.

To find out more about this plant go HERE.
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Aiyana said...

It looks like an albino, with that white stem. Very unusual!

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your link and read more about your Indian Peace Pipe plant. You were lucky to find this rare plant!

itsJUSTme-wendy said...


Carla said...


Paula said...

What a n interesting plant? What state was this in again?

Laurie and Chris said...

Western New York!

Jean said...

I had forgotten about spotting this plant. I'm glad you got such a good picture. Now you know I wasn't 'pulling your leg' all those years!