Saturday, December 06, 2008

Theme Tree!

This year we decided to change our artificial tree theme from Scooby Doo to NASCAR. We are both NASCAR fans and have been getting each other ornaments for some time now. We decided it was time for something different. We put red (Kasey Kahne) and blue (Jimmie Johnson) lights on first, added blue and red balls and all of our NASCAR ornaments. Wal*Mart had material that looked like a checkered flag that we used as a tree skirt. We really like the way it turned out.

Do you do theme trees at your house???


PEA said...

Awwwww what a delightful idea to make a Nascar themed tree! I noticed the checkered tree skirt right away...perfect:-) I need to make a faerie themed tree one of these days! lol xoxo

beckie said...

Cute! And if the 2 of you like it taht's all that matters. I have a loooot of angels and our tree, and ornaments made by our girls and now our grand girls. Also afew ornaments that were my garndparents and some of my Mom's. So I guess my theme is 'old fashioned'!

Me said...

You two are adorable - I love your tree because it suits you perfectly.