Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Have A Tote Or Two!

Yesterday Chris brought up all of the Christmas totes for me. He went out hunting early today so I puttered around and put up some of our Christmas decorations. We worked on it a little on Sunday, but the majority of the stuff was still in the basement.
When Chris got out of the woods we really got a lot done. We still have some to do, but we really put a dent in it today.

We won't get our real tree until the weekend of the 13th. We did put up an artificial tree on Sunday. We always put up one theme tree. Wait till you see what theme we did this year.


Dawn said...

Oh Laurie...I thought I had STUFF!
You made me LOL to see all the totes.

Love your festive look!

beckie said...

A few years ago, I wnet with totes to put my Christmas things in, but I didn't get the clear ones! Now that's a smart idea. :}

Cedar ... said...

Oh my,.... you have more totes than I do! I thought I was really over the edge with all that I had! You are really getting me into the spirit! This will be my first Christmas as a blogger, and it will be such fun sharing with all my new friends!