Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking a Drive!

We had a few errands to run today so we grabbed the camera and went out and about. We saw these deer in the city today. They must know it is hunting season so they made their way here for safety.

We drove up to where Chris and my brother hunt today to take a few pictures. Since the trees were covered yesterday when Chris went hunting he thought we could get some good pictures.

The snow is so heavy that the top of this pine is bending over from the weight.

This is the main trail the guys take to get in the woods. They must have plowed it out today because Chris said it wasn't clear yesterday. In some spots that he was in the snow was 2 feet deep already.

These apple trees are by another spot that the guys hunt. What a waste of apples. No one picked them.

I'm sure the deer eat what they can. We are supposed to get more snow all this week.


Utah Grammie said...

These are sooo pretty! And C-O-L-D!

beckie said...

What a winter wonderland! Just like a Christmas card. Those apples will be eaten by deer and birds this winter and will provide lots of nourisment. Great pictures!

Cedar ... said...

I seem to have jigsaw puzzles on the brain lately!... i've seen several pics lately that would make a great puzzle. This closeup of the apples and branches and snow would make a dandy puzzle. it's a great shot!

Me said...


Lallee said...

These photos are fabulous!!!!