Monday, November 17, 2008


A couple of days ago Chris told me he had something in the back end of his truck that he had to show me. I was a little worried since he had been out hunting and had already told me he didn't have any luck getting a deer.

This is what he brought home. He had never seen a mushroom like it and wanted me to see it. It was growing on a tree so he cut it off of to bring home to show me. It was about a foot across.

This is the other side of the mushroom. The texture is really different.

It kind of looks like a honeycomb.

Have you ever seen a mushroom like this before?


PEA said...

Well I'm sure glad it wasn't Bambi he had in his truck! lol The mushroom looks like slices of bread in that last picture! lol I've seen mushrooms growing from trees like that but not that big. It's truly amazing the shapes they take on and the sizes they grow!! xoxo

Crystal said...

Very interesting! It's amazing what you can find when you are out in the woods.

I have a question for you: where in New York do you live? Feel free to email me. I'm curious because our daughter and her husband are in New York City (Brooklyn) so anything NY is very interesting! Thanks.

Me said...

Very cool - I don't know a thing - but I love it - it is lovely.

Utah Grammie said...

Wow! Isn't nature amazing! That GOD with His side kick - Mother Nature- sure do good work! I love the little snowmen in your previous post - what are they made of?? Just darling!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! It looks like some kind of shelf fungi - my ds just finished that chapter in biology. lol We have tons of different kinds in our woods so I've seen these before.

We even have mushrooms in our yard. We have a fairy ring that comes up every few years & the circle is a little bigger each time.

I'm glad your dh shared with you so we could see it. Jen

Zoey said...

I had the same thing growing at the base of a huge poplar tree in my yard.

I read that mushrooms grow on diseased trees. Sure enough while I was at work one afternoon that tree fell right over and was lying on top of our truck! It turned out that the tree trunk was pretty much hollow from disease for about 12 feet up.

So the moral is if you see those growing at the base of your trees, don't park your truck near by.

The tree has been gone now for quite a few years, but the mushrooms still grow at the base of the trunk.