Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday!

These pictures were taken earlier in the year, but they are the only plants that we saved any seeds from.

They are Columbine and we didn't save very many seeds.

Once they start to grow, they will spread rapidly so you don't need too many seeds to start them.

Please leave a comment and E-mail us your address if you would like any seeds.

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Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Your columbines are gorgeous! I've tried growing them in the past with not much success.

Darla said...

How beautiful! Will they grow in FL. if so count me in!!

Jean said...

Beautiful colombine pictures! Ilove the one taken from underneath. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Mom

Sweetie said...

The Columbines are lovely. Are they difficult to grow? I love your title graphic. Hubby lives for hunting season and "we" talk hunting all year round.

Grammy said...

Beautiful columbines your pictures are great. My email is on my post for today.

Wendy said...

I enjoyed your columbine too! Particularly since I only had dry leaves and moss to show (oh, and a birthday bouquet!)

Ann said...

I can see why you saved the seeds. Beautiful!