Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Can Do It Too!

We went to our 2nd Labor Day picnic at Mom's house last Sunday. Click HERE to check out her post about it. Jerzie decided that she had enough of other people blowing bubbles and wanted to do it herself.

We tried to show her how to blow into the wand, but she kept blowing through her teeth.

She kept taking deep breaths and trying very hard.

She got very excited and kept giggling every time she got it to work.

She had to switch bubbles and wands to see if the other ones worked better.

She sure was one determined little girl. We all have so much fun watching her learn how to do something new. Probably by the next time we see her she will be doing better than we are.


Me said...

I love the third photo with her excited little grin.

Jean said...

You sure captured her personality with these pictures! Adorable! Mom

Anonymous said...

She is a cutie pie! I bet you guys have fun watching her learn all kinds of new things. :) Stop by my blog to pick up your award.

PEA said...

She is such a little sweetheart and I can't get over how much she's grown!! Isn't it fun to watch them trying to learn something new? I remember when I was teaching my boys to blow bubbles at that age...they'd put their lips right on the wand trying to blow on it and they'd get soap in their mouth! lol xoxo

Baby Vagabond said...

Oh my what a sweetie!

I am so happy I can read your blog again! The new look is fabulous!

((hugs)) Rosies (Rosie's Whimsy)