Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Special Mushroom!

Have you seen these mushrooms growing on trees in the woods?
Take a good look at them next time you do.

My Dad did and look what he did with them.

I have always loved this mushroom. I always thought that it was cool that Dad drew on it and it looks so neat after it dried.

I was so excited when I found it on Dads shelf.

This is the back of the mushroom.

I have it displayed next to one of our favorite pictures from the Adirondacks.

We already posted this on Dad's Blog, but wanted the people that don't go to his Blog to see it.


Anonymous said...

Very creative! I've never seen those mushrooms before, thanks for sharing. :)

beckie said...

How wanderful that you have something like the mushroom from your Dad. Everytime you see one in the woods you will think of him. I am amazed it dried so well and kept the drawing intact. Thanks for sharing.

Me said...

Very, very cool! I am so glad you found it. Beckie is right. You will think of him every time you see one. I've always thought those tree shrooms were cool.

Jean said...

I had forgotten about your Dad doing these. Glad you found it. Mom

Baby Vagabond said...

That is wonderful! I love natural elements brought in for decoration and his embellishment looks so perfect!


Lallee said...

That's such a special find. I know it is a real treasure to you.