Thursday, May 01, 2008

Something My Handyman Couldn't Do!

We had to call Chris's friend over to look at our satellite. He is the one that installed it about 3 years ago. We could get the TV upstairs to work but not down stairs. We haven't had any problems with our satellite until now.

When he installed it, he had to put it on the garage and run 2 cables under the ground from the garage to the house. Well one of the cables must have been damaged some how because we only had one signal coming into the house. He hooked up a new LNB (the part the sticks out at the end of the dish arm) that only needed one cable for both signals and used the cable that was still good.

Everything is working fine again, but we don't know how the cable could have been damaged. Chris checked the above ground portion for damage and didn't see any. It must be damaged under the ground somewhere.

Those darn Chipmunks!!!


PEA said...

It's a good thing your friend was able to come over to fix it...imagine the cost if you'd have had to call the cable company! Yikes! I didn't think chipmunks would gnaw at a wire underground...I know that squirrels do and we've had problems with them doing just that. That's why we try to discourage squirrels here but keep the chipmunk fed! lol xox