Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visiting Grandpa!

We went down to Dads on Friday to put the blade back on the lawnmower. Jerzie and daddy were there when we got there. Jerzie LOVES to be outside, so we all went outside while Kim and Chris put the blade back on the mower.

I painted this little guy for dad for his birthday a few years ago. He puts him up in the yard every year. Jerzie loves his fishy.
Dad had to try the sharpened blade out to see if it was OK. Can you believe how green his lawn is?

He had a flat tire so he couldn't go too far.

Jerzie loved that she could just run and play around grandpas lawn.

Grandpa was chasing her and telling her he was going to get her.

She is gone!!!

She is trying to learn how to blow bubbles. Daddy bought her spill proof bubbles. Mommy came down when she got out of work.
Since day one Jerzie has love to be scared. If you hide from her she laughs when you jump out at her. She will say do it again. Daddy tells her he is going to drop her and she just grins at him.
He didn't drop her. I thought this picture was so funny. You should hear her giggle when daddy does this to her.

Jerzie took this picture. I sat the camera down for a minute so I could help her and she pressed the right button. Can you see her little finger? Jerzie Shea you are growing up too fast.


Lallee said...

What a fun post. I almost felt like I joined in blowing bubbles. Listening to Here Comes the Sun was a perfect compliment. That lawn is GREEN!!!

Me said...

Delightful and fun

Rosie's Whimsy said...

She's an absolute doll! What fun to have all that space to run and run.....and a wonderful Grandpa to play with. :-) Rosie

Utah Grammie said...

What fun and absolutely precious photos of an everyday moments! It was like I was there visiting - thanks for sharing the fun times with all of us!

Ann said...

A photographer in the making! Great family photos!