Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts!

We gave bird feeders to our mothers for Mother's Day this year. For the past couple of years we have bought our mothers hanging baskets for Mother's Day, but when I was at the craft show with mom I saw these and had to buy them.
We gave this one to Chris's mom. You put a square suet block in it. The flower is on a re-bar pole.

When mom and I were at the craft show I told her I couldn't decide which one to get for my mother-in-law so we walked around a little more and I told her I think I am going to buy one of each. Chris can decide which one to give to his mom and I will keep the other one.

Well I bought both of them so I could give mom one for Mother's Day because I knew she really liked it but didn't want to spend the money.

You can put a suet bell in it upside down. I think I got her again!! She called me a brat yesterday when we gave it to her.


Jean said...

You got me allright! I love it! I
put it out this morning.

Me said...

That is the kind of thing I would do...I love that you got her!!

Susie said...

These are such a great garden decor!
I'm sure your Mom was both surprised and very pleased!