Monday, April 28, 2008

I Spoiled Myself!!

Mom and I went to the 14th annual 'Springtime in the Country' Craft show. It is the area's largest and best spring classic and contemporary craft event. It has become the show where artisans debut their new lines for the year.

I can't show you most of the stuff that I bought at the craft show because I bought Mother's Day gifts and a birthday gift. Since I haven't given them away yet, I don't want to give it away.

I couldn't resist this cute flower for my entry way.

I bought these two for us to hang our keys on.

After the show we made a few stops.

I got all of these T-shirts for $2.99 each at AC Moore. We are working on a project. When we get it done we will show it to you.

We went to Kohl's and I got these 5 shirts for $5.00 each.

I got 2 pairs of skimmers. (Shorts/Capri's that go just below the knee) I love the flower design on the one pair.

And a new pair of gym shoes. I got everything from Kohl's for $108.00! What a bargain!!! We also went to Target. I bought the body soap we like to use (Walmart doesn't carry it anymore) and a special travel mug. I will have to show it to you soon. Mom and I always have a nice time when we get to do things together.

When I got home and showed Chris what I bought he said "it was about time I bought stuff for ME!!"


Dawn said...

I think I have only gone to SITC once..a long time ago.

You got some good deals! Don't you just love Kohls???

You have a keeper of a DH, Laurie!

Utah Grammie said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I love the details ont eh shirts and the capris you got at Kohls!
Have a fun Tuesday, OK?

Crystal said...

That looks like an awesome show to go to! I wish I lived closer! And your new wardrobe is great - it's so nice to do things with moms, isn't it? Enjoy your springtime - ours is so slow this year.

You should try quadding! With your love of nature and DH's hunting hobby, I'm pretty sure you'd get hooked easily! I like that we're outside and can do it with our nieces and nephews and still my Dad will go.

Me said...

It sounds like you had loads of fun. I like the detail on the capris too - that is the sort of thing I like.

I wonder if you use the same body wash as I do. I noticed that Walmart doesn't carry mine anymore.

Ann said...

We are getting a Kohl's sometime in the near future! I can't wait for someplace other then Walmart to shop! I like the rose color shirts. One of my favorite colors! The body soap wouldn't happen to be Zest? We liked that in the body wash in Tangerine Mango Twist and everywhere here has stopped carrying it! ;-(

Hope your having a wonderful evening!