Sunday, January 06, 2008


Do you remember what happened to us when we went to make Christmas cookies this year? If not click HERE to read about it.
Come to find out this was hiding in my basement the whole time....
Chris had a hard time not giving me my big Christmas present early. He bought my new mixer a week and one day before we made our cookies.

I can't wait to use it. I am trying to think of any reason to make a batch of cookies or something I can mix.

Doesn't it look nice with our new counter top?

I am sure I will be using it before too long. A lot of women don't like to get appliances for a present, but I am more than happy with my Christmas present. I will have to take pictures of the other things Chris bought me and post them at another time.

Thank you for my special gift honey!


Dawn said...

You're going to love that thing.....I got one last year and it makes for lighter work.
Love mine.

PEA said...

Loving your new blog look!! Oh wow, that is one gorgeous mixer! I've been wanting one for years and have been looking at them in the stores but can't decide which one I want...I'll have to see if they have this one available. I've made some of that monkey bread often in the last few years and it's a favourite with everyone:-) xox

Me said...

Totally ironic. He was a firm and self-disciplined soul!! :)

Anonymous said...

SPOILED...You, no not Laurie!! Hey its been awhile since I've bugged you, I do have 5 minutes to myself to drop a line..I bought one of these for my mother-in-law and she LOVES it! I don't have one myself!! Thats how it works you buy for others what you want! I just couldn't go to the store and buy 2 of them!!! Someday it will be mine!! Looks like the holidays were wonderful for you. Now lets hope for another good year! Your long lost walmart friend....julie