Monday, December 17, 2007

Starting The Baking!

We decided to spend the day baking yesterday. We started around 9:00am. While mixing the first batch of cookies, our stand mixer started to smell funny. We figured it was because the dough we were making was very thick. We shut the mixer off and let it cool while we cleaned up the bowl and beaters to start the next batch. Well guess what? It wouldn't turn back on to mix the next batch.
Chris took it apart and cleaned it out to see if that would help. He cleaned the motor and the inside of the case, but had no luck.

The mixer was only 11 years old. Even without the stand mixer we managed to get 6 kinds of dough made. It sure was fun with the hand mixer.

With all of the setbacks this was the only picture that got taken of the finished cookies. (we sure are slipping aren't we?)


Ann said...


PEA said...

What a time for the mixer to go kaput but glad to hear you still managed to get so many kinds of cookies it smelled really good in your house yesterday:-) I've just looked at those pictures of Jerzie...the joys of trying to get the perfect picture of a small child! lol Loved them all and was laughing out loud at the one of her with her back turned! hehe xox

Me said...

I've never had a table top mixer but I've ruined plenty of hand mixers on heavy dough! I am glad you still got lots of cookie making done.