Monday, January 07, 2008

Homemade with Love!

Every year we try to come up with a small homemade gift for everyone in our family. This year Chris cut out these letters for everyone.

He used barn board from the attic floor that we took out when we put in insulation. We painted them with acrylic paint.

He cut out 10 sets. On Christmas Eve we give a small gift to my cousins families, my Aunt and Uncle and of course mom and Kim. We gave them to Chris's family on Christmas day. Everyone seemed to like them.


Anonymous said...

Very Clever... You are way too crafty for me! Can I be apart of your family. I know you want to adopt me over my sister!! :) hahaha
I do want to know how you made the snowman ornament you gave her! That was adorable! So please post or shoot an email to my sister. Thanks...the favorite sister-julie or should I say the new relative!!!