Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I saw these cookie cutters on a blog last year and knew I had to find some. I finally found them at a new store that opened in our area. I was so excited. I told Chris "I can't wait to see who says something first." They are called ABC cookie cutters (Already Been Chewed)
We cut them out baked and frosted them. We were both laughing and couldn't wait to see the look on peoples faces.
We made all of the cookie trays and made sure there was at least one ABC cookie on each tray.

Well guess what.....

Not one person said a thing. Not on Christmas Eve at our family party, not Christmas Day when we handed out all of our trays, not even when I took a tray to work with me.

I guess the joke was on us.


Jean said...

I wondered what that shape was supposed to be! Maybe i'd have noticed the star one . Sorry! Mom

PEA said...

Maybe they were too polite to say "ummmm I think someone's taken a bite already"! lol Those cookie cutters are hilarious, I've never seen those before!! I just love those JOY letters you both made!! xox

Anonymous said...

Yeah right ABC cutters...I am not buying it!! I know you and Chris taste tested to make sure they were ok for the family! Not foolin me :) Julie