Thursday, October 18, 2007

Second Hike - Day Two!

This hike was a lot different from earlier in the day. This one was up hill. Most of the hike was on areas covered by tree roots. We are hiking to see three "ponds".

Owen, Copperas & Winch Ponds: This trip of ponds makes a relaxing hike with little climbing (yeah right) – views of Great Cliff and Whiteface. Nice spots for picnic or camping at lean-to on Copperas Pond.

We have made it to the first pond, Owen pond. Oh my gosh. This pond was breathtaking. When we reached this pond I couldn't believe how pretty it was. I told Chris I would like to build a house here so this could be in our backyard. Of course he said that sounds good to me with a big grin on his face.
After sitting and just looking at the pond we decided we should go see what the other ponds look like. So we are off hiking again. (I sure am glad that we brought our boots with us this year)

We are at the second pond now. This is Copperas Pond. We didn't think it was as pretty as the first but it was nice.

We are almost to the top now. We never did see the third pond. It was getting late so we decided to turn around and head back down the mountain.

Here are some more shots of what the trails look like.

We had to walk across these logs. We are back at Owens Pond now. The sun has shifted so we took some more pictures and sat for a little while longer.

On our way out of the woods we took a picture of this huge rock with trees growing on it.

To show you how big this rock is check out the last picture. I climbed up first. Chris set the timer on the camera and ran to get up here before the 10 seconds was up. We took two pictures and hoped that one would turn out OK.

If you haven't already, click on the pictures to enlarge them. We hope you enjoyed your hike for the day. Go get something to drink. That was a long hike. By the way, the temperature was 78 degrees. It was sunny and not a cloud in the sky!!

Sorry I didn't get to comment on your blogs yesterday. Blogger was giving me problems at the time I usually sit down to read them :)


Christa said...

What a spectacular looking place. That tree growing over the rock is quite a sight!

Yolanda said...

These photos area gorgeous and you live in a beautiful part of the world. I love the header too. I will be back often for a visit.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

What great ponds!! The trees are so pretty and yes that would be a great place for a house. Great picture of the tree and rock. Glad you both climbed on it to show us how big it really is. Very impressive set of pictures. Thanks for sharing!!