Friday, October 19, 2007

New Pumpkin!

Mom and I went to one of our favorite gift/craft shops on Wednesday! Everything was marked half off. The only bad thing is that it is closing.

This picture is dark, but I wanted you to see the glitter on it.
Isn't the bead work pretty?

I put it on our mantle with the leaf lights from Kim and Tabatha's wedding.
You can put a tea light in the back of it.

I also bought this leaf sun catcher. Click HERE to see what mom bought.


Jean said...

I knew that pumpkin would look great on your mantle! Love it! Mom

T*mmy said...

Great fall items and I love what you've done to the blog...the floating leaves are great and just the right touch!!

Have a great day!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I too am impressed by your blog. Looks like you got some fall treasures. Sorry the store is going out of business. Might as well take advantage of the great deals!

PEA said...

Isn't that always the find a favourite shop and it decides to close up! I sooo love that pumpkin, it's so gorgeous! Love the leaf suncatcher as well...great finds:-) xox

Ann said...

It's so fun buying things on sale. To bad the store is closing. That is a very pretty pumpkin. Fall is a fun time to decorate! Have a great weekend!

farmingfriends said...

I love the leaf suncatcher.
Sara from farmingfriends