Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Hike - Day Two!

We got up pretty early today and started our day with a hike. We are going on The Peninsula Nature Trail. This is the view you see when you get out of the car. It looks pretty already.

Remember to click on pictures to see larger size. Don't forget to sign in before you start your hike. Most of the trails in the Adirondacks have a place for you to sign in. You write down how many people are in your group, what time you started your hike and how long you plan to stay. They also have you sign out when you leave. That way they can make sure you made it out OK and that nothing happened to you.

How weird is this? The trees are growing on top of the rocks.

We made it to the lake....

This is Lake Placid. Lake Placid is mountain stream fed with clear water. It is the main water source for Lake Placid village. Fish abound in this 5 mile long lake with over 12 miles of shoreline. These pictures were taken on a small bay on the west shore of Brewster's Peninsula.

When we reached this point, we both just looked at each other and said this is amazing!!

Can you see the rocks on the lake floor?

Look at this cute little bench. You can take a seat and enjoy the view.

Look at those colors.

The mountains look like they are on fire.

The lake was so calm and it was so pretty. We really didn't want to leave.

This is one of our favorite pictures. After the morning haze lifted the colors were really bright. We think the reflection is just too pretty. We will be showing you more from our vacation soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


Lallee said...

I am so far behind on visiting! Wow your vacation pictures are wonderful! I hope you continue to have such beautiful weather. I love your fall banner and the falling leaves, too. I'll come here for my fall fix while my Florida BROWN leaves fall. LOL

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Enjoyed your pictures-the Adirondacks is a wonderful place- in so many ways- that is very close to my heart!
Blessings to You! Claudia O

verobirdie said...

And thank you for taking us on the walk. The water is so clean ! And I could smell the scent of the forest (that's what I miss the most from my native North of France, here the forest are never moist).

PEA said...

Such breathtaking's no wonder you didn't want to leave that area!! I would have sat on that bench all day long to admire that kind of! xox

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Phew, what a hike that was, I'm beat. Any change of a cup of tea? ;-) Lovely pics of a very beautiful countryside, thanks for sharing!