Sunday, October 14, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday!

Sorry that we haven't posted our GTS for a couple of weeks. We have been away and haven't had access to a computer or even electricity last Sunday.

We took these pictures in front of Laurie's favorite store in the Adirondacks. As we were taking the pictures, Laurie got caught by one of the workers from the store. She said it's OK, I'm a blogger and a scrapbooker. Since it was a scrapbook store he couldn't say anything. LOL

We thought these planters were pretty cool. They are very large rocks that someone has carved out. Great idea :)

The flowers don't look the greatest in this planter but we wanted to show it to you anyway.

Happy GTS!!!


Cat said...

Rock planters - cool idea. Reminds me of some fake rock speakers we have out back.

Your camping adventure looks great.

RUTH said...

I bet it took some time to hollow them out. They look great though and I doubt if anyone would be strong enough to walk away with them! Happy GTS :o)

Ann M. said...

What a cool idea :)

Happy GTS!

No Rain said...

Interesting planters, especially used in front of a store. I have several small lava rock planters for cacti and succulents, and I always liked the look. Happy GTS,

farmingfriends said...

These planters are great. Are they real rocks or fake?
Sara from farmingfriends

genny said...

Thats cool idea of planting. Good job! mine is in and Thanks!

kris said...

I love the planters - can't imagine how much work it would be to hollow them out though!