Friday, October 12, 2007

Camping Day Four!

Before we had breakfast this morning, Baby J. wasn't very happy. She was over tired like everyone else. Grandma got her to sleep and she slept through breakfast. It was Mommy and Daddy's turn to make breakfast today. They made sausage, bacon and pancakes. It was a very good breakfast.

When Baby J. woke up I took over with her so mommy and daddy could pack up. While they were making breakfast, Chris and I got our stuff all packed. I fed baby J. a left over pancake. She really enjoyed it. Her mommy took this picture of us.

We are all packed up. It is time to get over to the pavilion where we meet the rest of our family for our family picnic.

Baby J. is ready to play!!

Since NO ONE from our family showed up, we decided to go to the creek before we ate. Yes I said NO ONE showed up. They didn't even call and leave a message to say that they weren't coming. We have been doing this for over 20 years and all of the sudden they decided they weren't coming. Oh well I guess it is time for a NEW family tradition.
We aren't too old to have fun. Tabatha found a swing.

Baby J. loved to throw rocks in the water.

She is one brave little girl.

Her Uncle Chris is showing her a crab that he caught in the creek.

She isn't so sure of it...
...but now that Daddy is holding her she might think about looking at it.

What's That?

Look how close she got to it.

Baby J. is ready to head back for lunch now.

This is the end of our weekend in Allegany State Park. We still have some pictures to show you. Like all of us playing a new game and some of the trees that have changed. Thanks for coming along with us on our NEW Family Tradition!!!


Me said...

I've really enjoyed a vicarious holiday with your family. I love the pics of Baby J in the creek - how fun and the crab...

I feel a pang too that your family missed out on a wonderful event and didn't even bother to let you know they weren't coming.

T*mmy said...

Ya'll look like you are having so much fun!

Deb said...

Looks like a wonderful family holiday!

kris said...

Too bad the rest of the family didn't show up - looks like they missed out on a fun day! But new traditions are nice too. What a wonderful holiday you had!!