Saturday, September 01, 2007

Got Wood?

Friday morning I went to my dad and moms house to help finish cutting up the wood and to get the trucks loaded up for the dump.
We loaded up both trucks so we were ready to go early this morning.

Now we know why part of it broke off. Look at how rotten the wood looks. The ants and other insects have taken over.

We added quite a bit to the pile at the dump. Then it was back home to load up again. We ended up with 4 truck loads all together.

Here we are cleaning out the bottom of my truck. Look at how much brush and yard waste there is.

All that is left now is some clean up of the area around where the tree was and the stump. It is a pretty good size stump and will probably take a lot of work to remove it.

If you missed the first post about the tree click HERE.


PEA said...

They must know you by your first name at the dump by now? lol Great job getting rid of all that wood. One of our neighbours had two huge trees removed and when it came time to remove the stump, it took him over a week to get it dug up!!

kris said...

Whoa - that's a lot of wood!
I have a couple suggestions for getting rid of the stump. We have lost two large trees since we've lived here. The first one we drilled holes and poured miratic acid down the holes (stuff you get at the hardware store to clean metal). I wouldn't do this one if there are kids or pets nearby, but it basically rots out the stump.
The second one we dug the dirt away and cut the stump about 8-12 inches below ground level and then covered with dirt. I have a garden growing over that one.
Today we heard a tree trimmer say that the best idea he's seen is starting a fire on the stump - like with charcoal. When it gets hot, put a piece of iron across it. He said it burns the stump down to nothing without a huge bonfire effect.