Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Chris's Dad and Mom had a tree that got struck by lightning many years ago. Someone came in and removed most of the tree but left this part. It was probably 20-25 feet tall.
Well, they came home one day last week and part of it had fallen off. It was really rotten and just broke off. They were nervous that more of it might fall off and possibly hurt someone.

Chris went over and helped his dad take the rest of it down. He got to use his new chainsaw again!!!

It only took about an hour to take it down.

This is the main trunk. It was close to 3 feet across.

This is what is left of it. It all needs to be cut up into small pieces and taken to the yard waste dump. I think we are going on Saturday.


PEA said...

What a great job Chris did getting that tree cut down! I don't blame his parents for wanting it cut down since it was so rotten with pieces falling off. I'm sure he had fun using his chainsaw! lol xox

Cat said...

You guys are always working!

My Mom had a stump about 4 feet tall that she used to hold a bucket of hanging flowers each year, this year it came down - flowers and all!