Monday, August 27, 2007

A Thank You for Lilli !

Just a little thank you for Lilli from Make Mine Blissful. She had a giveaway and sent me something really beautiful. Click HERE to check out her post about the giveaway.

I got the gift on Saturday.

It came with this cute card and some very nice things written inside.

The envelope was even special. Look at the flower that Lilli drew on it. It also had these 2 cute little tiles in it.

After reading the card and looking at the tiles, I opened the gift that was wrapped in purple tissue paper. (my favorite color) It is a beautiful scarf. I really love it. Thanks again for the gifts and for all the nice things that you wrote in the card.


T*mmy said...

From the card with the wee fairies to the beautiful scarf...all very pretty!!

Lilli said...

Yippee! Your new treats seem right at home in your place. So glad you like them :)

PEA said...

Ooooh I love the scarf...congratulations on winning it!! Love the card too...I know, me and my faeries eh? lol xox

Ann said...

Lucky you to win something so pretty. You give such nice gifts yourself, I'm sure it's fun to win something too!