Friday, May 25, 2007

Not What We Thought!

It turns out that the things we found while we were weeding aren't what we thought they were. We thought that they were some kind of a beetle or June Bug.
We found a few of these in the soil while we were weeding last weekend. Click HERE to check out the "weeding" post.

They are a Noctuidae Pupae, and will turn into a moth of some kind. The Noctuidae or Owlets are a family of moths that includes more than 35,000 known species, possibly 100,000 species altogether. Most have drab fore wings, although some have brightly colored hind wings. There are usually few differences between the sexes. The overwhelming majority of noctuids fly at night and are almost invariably attracted to light. Many are also attracted to sugar and nectar-rich flowers.

Click HERE to find out more about them.


PEA said...

All I can say is that they're sure ugly!! lol I'm glad you were able to find out exactly what they are, I really thought a June Bug! xox

kris said...

I think I've seen these in the garden before - and thought they were June bug shells. But I also see the moths on the porch sometimes - going for the lights, no doubt. Thanks for doing the research!

Zoey said...

I find these thing all the time in the soil, but I never knew they were a moth. Thanks for sharing your research with us.