Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Mess Has Begun!!!

This is what our garden looked like a few years ago.
Sorry it is so dark.(It was taken with our old 35mm camera)

Click HERE to see the garden all cleaned up and ready for this spring.

or so we thought:(

Here is a picture from today! They dug across the street and into our yard. We are glad we got the rocks from around the edge and most of the flowers out when we did. We lost a lot of the flowers that hadn't started sprouting yet. Do we rebuild when they are all done working? Or do we let them plant grass?


Zoey said...

Does the garden spot give you great pleasure or is it a pain to care for?

If you love taking care of it and it gives you pleasure everytime you drive in, replant. If not, let them turn it back to grass.

"Early Bird" said...

How irratating...I'm glad you had not spent a bundle on plantings!