Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Cleaning !

It was so nice out Saturday afternoon that we decided to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather by cleaning out the gardens.
This is the first garden we planted when we moved into our house. There were 10 foot tall bushes there that we cut down and dug out. The bushes blocked the view around the corner when cars were trying to turn.

We built this garden a couple years later. The fence was an anniversary gift from Laurie's mom. Our neighbors told us it was an "eye sore", but compared to what was there, we think it looks great.

This is the mess that came out of the back garden. Chris pulled the truck out front to gather up the leaves and sticks from out there, and we loaded the rest up in the driveway.

As you can see, the back end of the truck is very full. Sure hope the yard waste dump opens soon!


PEA said...

It all looks so clean now and ready for the growing season:-) I can't wait to start in on my flowerbeds but everything is still too wet and too cold...they're even saying snow in the next few days! ACK!

And as for your April Fool's joke...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! lol You had me believing you and I was ready to go over there and give Chris a kick! LOL Loved it!! xox

"Early Bird" said...

All these blogs with beautiful pictures of blooming flower gardens...they never say how much work it really is, do they?