Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This Sucks!!!

A few weeks ago we noticed the city was doing some work down the road from us. We came home one day after that and found some yellow flags in our yard marking the gas lines.
The next day, Chris was on the phone trying to find out what was going on. He found out that the city was putting in storm sewers along our street.

We found out today that the sewer will be going right through one of our gardens, and we found out why. We found out that there is a house up the road from us that has a sump pump that drains into the road. The neighbors between them and us have been complaining about ice build up in the end of their driveways during the winter. So they are putting in the sewers to fix the problem. Since the city doesn't want to cut down the half dead tree in the above picture, (who knows why???) they are crossing over to our property and then crossing back once they get past the tree.

So Chris and I spent a couple hours tonight digging out plants and bulbs from the front garden. We also found out that the garden is partially on city property. They will start to dig on our side tomorrow. From what we were told, they are putting a catch basin right in part of the garden.

Thank goodness our raised vegetable garden box was still empty. We are using it to hold most of the plants that we had to dig out. (along with the ground around it)

I am just sick about having to take out all of the plants. It is probably a good thing that I will be at work during the day while they are working.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Can you say spongebob crabby pants!!! Just thank goodness you didnt have to dig them out with 6 inches of snow on top as well.haha:) Julie

Lilli said...

What a bizarre turn of events!