Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coming Together!

This weekend we got a lot of the dinning room put back together. Here are pictures of two of the corners that are done!

This curio has four sides. Three have windows and one has a mirror. It holds my Kim Anderson collection.

This is on the floor next to my curio. I fell in love with this Raggedy Ann and Andy and I just love the swing they are on.

We put the attic baby shelf in a different area. To see the attic babies up close click HERE. I still have a few things I have to get put together, but the room is really coming along. I have to buy some picture frames for our family picture wall and a new table cloth, then we should be all set. We will take more photos when everything is complete. Chris is done in this room. It is all up to me now, so he is moving on to the kitchen this week.


PEA said...

It's looking gorgeous!! I'm so in love with that paint colour, very soothing to the eyes. Your attic babies are adorable:-) xox

Anonymous said...

Looking good..looking good...The color looks close to what we just painted our salons with. It is beautiful, we used a tan color for the trim work but I am liking the white. How much is he charging you for doing the work? I know your not paying him with nice dinners because I haven't seen those pics either!!!:) Julie