Monday, April 16, 2007

Special Day!

Today is Chris's Birthday!!!
(This picture was taken on top of Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks.)
You've made my life such a wonderful place to be--
filled with fun and with laughter,
with smiles and sharing and love.

(Picture was taken in the Adirondacks.)

And on your birthday, I'd just like to say thanks...

and remind you of how very, very much I love you.

(Picture was taken in Rochester NY at the Lilac festival.)

Happy Birthday Chris! I love you!!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday! gorgeous photos!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Happy Birthday to Chris!!!!!

And I just want you to know I appreciate all your comments at the cabin! Have a great day! Claudia O.

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Chris!
Those lilacs must have smelled heavenly :)

Angela said...

Ooooh, I can't wait for the lilacs to bloom here. You take beautiful pictures. And I'm totally lmbo at your "I'm not spoiled, I'm well loved" blinkie. I can definately appreciate that!! (GIGGLE)

"Early Bird" said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday dear Chris!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
...and many more!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures of my flowers and birds, but not as much as I love you. Happy Birthday, Son!
Love, Mom

PEA said...

Oh sureeeeeeeee now you tell me it's his birthday!! lol I'm so sorry, I didn't know, otherwise I would have posted it on my blog. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!!!! Hope your day has been a wonderful one and save me a piece of birthday cake will ya? :-) xox

Lilli said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Have a wonderful year :)

Loving those purple lilacs!

Anonymous said...

Chris, Happy Birthday a couple of days late. I also left a message on your mother-in-laws blog. I usually only check them out about once a week and I didn't even take the time to last week. I ran into your folks yesterday in the toy department at Wal*Mart. I hope they were picking you up something nice you can play with in the sandbox! Uncle John

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Chris....I was really waiting to see that beautiful cake your lovely wife made for you...guess she is done posting food items...I am dying up here..I haven't seen food on your blog in forever....I know you haven't started on the kitchen yet because you would have posted pics. So where is the food?? :) Julie