Monday, March 12, 2007


We happened to notice some green showing up close to the house. So I had to take some pictures. Could it be that spring is on the way? It officially starts 1 week from tomorrow.

Update on the dinning room.
Chris has started to put the new texture on the walls.

I am putting on the joint compound and then using a piece of plastic to get some texture. After it dries for 30-45 minutes, I am going back over it with a 8" compound knife to smooth out the high spots.

This is the archway to the living room.

I should be done with the walls by tomorrow. I would like to finish sanding the moldings and baseboards on Wednesday and hopefully get everything primed by Friday.
I hope to start painting next Monday.
(After taking the weekend off to spend time with my wife;)


melissa said...

its looking great!

and I know..spring is coming early this year I think. lots of green and heat here in AZ already

Anonymous said...

Man o' Man I sure hope that wonderful wife of yours is keeping you stocked on the chocolates, that looks like some teedist work if I do say so myself! Looking good though.:) Julie
PS..Still waiting for the must have really sent it "snail"mail. Hopefully "MY"chocolates don't melt with this warm up we are suppose to have.

PEA said...

The walls are looking great so far...what a difference from what you had there before! Great job you're doing there Chris:-) Wow, Spring flowers coming up...mine are still buried under quite a bit of snow. xox

Tammy said...

look at all that hard work!!
Ya'll need a treat, maybe get out and ride around to see what you can see!!
Happy Almost Spring day!!

Susie said...

The pictures of the flowers peeping out through the snow really speaks of the hope of Spring..
It's arrived big time for us in California. We're in the 80's today!