Tuesday, March 13, 2007


This is one of the worst things about springtime. All the mess left over from winter. These piles are from shoveling and snow blowing the driveway. What a mess all the salt and dirt that falls off of the car leaves behind. It warmed up to almost 60 today!!! Of course after all the snow melts, we have to start cleaning up the yard and the gardens (YEAH). I'm sure we will still get more snow. It always seems to snow on St. Patrick's Day.


PEA said...

It's looking the same over here...the snow is looking dirty everywhere. But, at least it IS melting so...WOOHOO! hehe xox

Tammy said...

we still have piles of "yuck" too in shady spots...we got up to 74 yesterday and a blamy 64 today...whoohooo!!