Saturday, December 23, 2006

All Wrapped !

This is what our tree looks like before we start delivering presents. We bought for 15 people this year. We didn't have room for our gifts for each other. We had to put them under the other tree. (the scooby doo tree, not the gold foil one)
We went to Mom's today and she was showing Baby J. her tree. She was a little shocked when she grabbed a hold of it.

Tabatha gave Kim his Christmas present today. She made him a poker table. It was a little early, but he was having some people over to play cards tonight. He loved it. It fits over the top of his pool table.

She printed out decals on the computer that had to be ironed on. She made pictures of poker chips with the name of "his bar" on them.

If we don't have the time to blog tomorrow, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


Dawn said...

WOWZA! Thatsa lotta stuff!!!!
Enjoy your day together!

Gillian Hamilton said...

That is a gorgeous tree, I hope you have had a beautiful Christmas, I am looking forward to popping back in over 2007.. to enjoy more of your creations, Laurie I just love your little gold tree, how special..TTFN Gillian :o)