Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve!

Grandma bought this dress for Baby J. before she was even born. She looked so cute. She doesn't wear dresses very often. She is in the chair that grandma bought for her at a garage sale. This picture was taken just before everyone got to Moms house.
We had plenty of food!! Everyone brings a dish to pass. We had 13 people this year. We were short 3. My cousin Missy had to stay home. She got the flu. So her and two of her kids stayed home.
My Uncle and Aunt make homemade korv every year. We always have homemade mac and cheese, scalloped potato's, Jell~o and ham.

Baby J. is ready to go home. She is wearing a new snow suit from a friend of Kim and Tabatha's and a new hat from her "Uncle Sammy". Sam is Kim's close friend who doesn't live here anymore but comes home often.

Getting ready for Santa!!


Kerri said...

Such lovely photos. What a sweet baby. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas from our house to yours....the day after. Time to relax! :)